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Introduction of the School

School of Environment and Civil Engineering of Jiangnan University has three departments: environmental engineering, civil engineering and engineering management. The environmental engineering major is the featured major of the State and Jiangsu Province, and is the key major of Jiangsu Province. We have post-doctoral mobile stations, doctors degree conferring point and masters degree conferring point of the first level for the environmental engineering major. We have professional masters degree conferring point for construction and civil engineering under the civil engineering major. The school has established Anaerobic Biological Technology Key Laboratory of Jiangsu Province, Biomass Energy and Biological Carbon Reduction Engineering Center of Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Environmental Impact Review Center of Planning, Wuxi Low Carbon City Development and Research Center, Wuxi Taihu Lake Treatment and Ecological Rehabilitation Center and many other scientific research platforms and bases. The school undertook and fulfilled major projects of water body pollution control and treatment technology, national key technology support program, national high-tech research and development program (863 Program), national natural science fund project and other over 70 scientific research projects of national and provincial level. More than one hundred engineering projects entrusted by the enterprises had been completed. In the recent three years (year 2014-2016), more than 80 theses of high level have been published at home and aboard by teachers of the school and over 130 national invention patents have been applied for. We now have 29 authorized patents with accumulated scientific research cost up to about 52 million. The school actively makes important contributions to national foundation work, civil engineering constructions, environmental protection, ecological rehabilitation and other aspects and forms its own features and advantages in its disciplinary field.

We now have 73 full-time teachers, including 18 professors, 50 associate professors (associate researchers),8 doctoral tutors and 34 masters tutors. 80% of the full-time teachers own doctors degrees and 27 teachers have oversea study background over 1 year. We have teachers, who are the winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars, Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholars of Jiangsu Province. We have teachers who areNew Century Excellent Talents by Ministry of Education, young academic leaders of Qing Lan Project for institutions of higher learning of Jiangsu Province, talents of provincial 333 projects and talents of provincial Six Talent Peaks Project, etc. as well as registered engineers in scientific fields, such as environmental impact review, structural engineering,geoenvironmental engineering, engineering supervision and engineering cost, etc.

The school insists on talent training objective of solid basic knowledge, wide application range, strong ability, high quality and good adaptability, and education ideals of distinctive practice-focused and internalization in order to promote development of the students in all rounds. The School has established the practice-teaching system combining the three layers: fundamental test training, professional skill training and innovation ability development as a whole to form a talent development mechanism with inter-infiltration between theoretical teaching and practice-teaching. We also implement the academic tutorial system for the undergraduates. The students may participate in scientific projects in laboratory of his/her tutor since the second year in order to develop innovation spirit and practicing ability. In order to widen international vision of the students, the School makes joint effort with the Pennsylvania State University to develop international cooperation courses and bilingual courses for the undergraduates. Excellent students are recommended to participate in an oversea exchange program. In order to stimulate pioneering and innovation spirit and active learning ability of the students, every year the School trains and selects students to form a team to participate in national Challenge Cup extracurricular scientific and technological work competition, national and provincial undergraduate civil engineering structure innovation competition, national college Thsware BIM Software Modeling Competition, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and China-Asean undergraduate business plan competition and other disciplinary competitions every year. The students gain good results for many times. Every year, 25% of the students in our School are recommended without participating in the examinations or admitted to famous foreign schools and national key universities of 985 and 211 Project as the postgraduate students. The graduates have strong social competitive power. They are preferred by leading enterprise of the related industry. The employment rate reaches 99% for many years continuously.

Our school maintains regular academic exchange activities with domestic and foreign famous institutions of higher learning. We have established long-term student exchange, teacher exchange and visits as well as academic cooperation relationship with Yale University, University of Tsukuba, University of Helsinki, University of Copenhagen, National University of Ireland and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, etc.; We also established long-term personnel advanced training, mutual visit and academic cooperation relationship with Tsinghua University, Nanjin university, Zhejiang University and Harbin Institute of Technology, etc. In the recent two years, the oversea exchange rate of the undergraduates of the School is up to23.3%

We sincerely welcome all the students to apply for School of Environment and Civil Engineering of Jiangnan University! Lets make joint effort to let your dream fly, sow hope, and create a brilliant tomorrow!

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